Learning isn't easy.


A lot of students who study abroad seem to thing that learning a new language in another country is easier because you are in that language's country of origin. Well you couldn't be more wrong.

Learning a new language is never easy, regardless of location. But, the benefit of learning in the country of origin is that outside the class room you can use the language you learnt.

At first classes seem quite hard and in the first week will feel impossible. A question most students ask themselves is "everyone else seems to understand, why don't I?" Some people are naturally gifted with learning language and other's arent. How you spend your time in a country outside of classes greatly influences your learning ability. The mistake a lot of students make is not using the language outside of the class room. 

The first two to four weeks at any language school you attend full time is going to be rough. You won't understand much, will feel like you can't do it and fall behind. This is normal. What you will find is that one day you'll begin to understand what is being said in class and can begin to respond accordingly. It doesn't happen overnight, but over the first month. 

The biggest problem for students, is some study and some don't, the students who study hard and use the language as much as possible outside the classroom are usually the ones who get ahead. The once who casually study and speak in their native language a lot outside classes are the ones who usually fall behind.

Some basic guidelines to follow are:

  1. use as much Japanese as possible.
  2. try to make some Japanese friends who do not speak your language to practice speaking with.
  3. study, a lot.
  4. do your homework on time, don't skip classes or be late.
  5. practice speaking and writing at home to yourself or with friends (if possible).
  6. stop speaking your native language.

These are the keys to success in most cases for learning a new language that a lot of students make the mistake of not doing.

Introducing our English Facebook page.

If you haven't already, take a look at our Facebook page. We will upload pictures there so students can see and share their experiences at Shinwa Academy.


Shinwa Academy welcomes our new students.

April means it is the start of the new school semester. 

We welcome our new students from, USA, Vietnam, Korea, China, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar.

At our Opening Ceremony, a speech was given by Mr. Jyu, our school principal and the lead teacher gave a brief introduction, welcoming our new students to the school.

April 2016 Opening Ceremony