Congratulations to one of our students


Congratulations to Chit Myo Htet

Congratulations to Chit Myo Htet for passing her entry exam to Sundai Gakuen's department of Hotel and Business! We are really proud of you and hope your studies are rewarding in creating a future for you.

Well done!!

Students Accepted!!



The names of students who passed the entrance to university or vocational school are displayed on the second floor hallway, please take a look and see if your name is there.
Now you will all need to study hard to be ready for the exam and interviews that will come to secure your place in the school you applies for.

Shinwa welcomes 140 new students

October 2016 Entrance Ceremony

Today, Shinwa welcomed 140 new students from Vietnam, China, The Philippines and Malaysia. 

These students were accepted into our school to study for 1 year 6 months Japanese course. After dealing with their documents, they  went to the second floor to listen to a speech from Principal Joo which was translated by our executive office staff and then introductions from the managers, staff and teachers.

Students did very well on their placement tests and went through orientation and are now ready to begin their classes on October 11th. 

Placement TestSpeech TranslationsPrincipal Joo's Speech
Teacher Introductions

New classrooms added

Since we have had such a larger number of approved applications, we decided to expand Shinwa by adding two new classrooms, a teacher's room and free study room in a neighbouring building.

The new rooms have been nicely decorated with new paint, floors and furniture, ready for our students in the new semester starting October 11th.

Class 1Free Study RoomTeacher's Room