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About version upgrade of ZOOM


Please upgrade the version of ZOOM.

ZOOM version 5.0.0 cannot be used after May 30th and if you do not upgrade, you cannot join your online classes.

Please make sure to update ZOOM to version 5.0.4.




Use the following QR codes to update.



Check for updates and click "update".


Classes Resume Monday, June 8th

Classes at school are scheduled to start on Monday, June 8th. After starting, Shinwa Foreign Language Academy will take the following measures.
<New Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection prevention measures>
The new coronavirus is a very infectious disease. Be careful not to get infected.
If you become infected, you should not transfer it to another person.
If you feel unwell, please take a rest from school and your part-time job.
If you are infected with the new coronavirus, symptoms such as persistent fever, cough, sluggish body, pain in the joints, and sore throat occur. Even if you are infected, you may be asymptomatic.
A mask is effective to prevent it from passing on to other people. Make sure to wear a mask when you go out or are at school.
If you experience high fever, fever, or cough, go to a hospital immediately.
If you don't understand Japanese, don't worry, Ben will be the translator for English speaking students.
If you have a health insurance card, the examination fee will not be high.
If you feel sick, have a fever, or feel tired, please report it to your teacher immediately.
The new coronavirus is a very infectious disease. Infection with the new coronavirus can be fatal.
To prevent the spread of infection, please take a rest from school and part-time job if you feel unwell.
If you come to school despite being unwell, please come to the secretariat immediately without going into the classroom.
There are thermometers in the office and the office. If you feel you may have a fever, please use a thermometer at school to check your temperature.
This is not your own problem. It is a problem that affects everyone's health.
Some people may be asymptomatic even if they are infected with the new coronavirus, but asymptomatic people may also infect others.
To prevent infection, please observe the following and act accordingly.
Infectious disease prevention
【at school】
  • When you come to school, check your temperature at the entrance of each building. If your temperature is higher than 37.5 ℃, you cannot enter the classroom.
    If you are late, please use the thermometer in the office or teacher's room before going to the classroom.
  • Be sure to wear a mask even in the classroom. If you do not wear a mask, you will not be able to enter the classroom.
    Masks are sold at Building 1 Office. Ten masks cost 600 yen.
  • Before entering the classroom, disinfect your hands with the hand sanitizer at the entrance of each building.
  • To prevent infection, gargle frequently and wash your hands. There is hand soap in the toilet.
  • Please follow cough etiquette. Even if you are wearing a mask, cover your mouth with your hand or handkerchief when you cough.
    Please ventilate the room frequently. It is effective to open two windows and doors.
  • Please avoid the three social situations (closed, crowded, close proximity).
    Please keep social distance with your friends even in the classroom.
    After class, please go home immediately without crowding outside.
  • Please refrain from going out when you are not required to attend school or work.
  • Please avoid crowding with an unspecified number of people.
    * We recommended adjusting your commuting time when attending school to avoid rush hour.
    Building 1 will open at 7am, so you can use an empty classroom until the class starts.
  • Get enough sleep and nutrition.
  • If you experience a high fever or cough, please go to the hospital.
  • Please report to the school if you feel unwell.
  • If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, please take a break from school and part-time job and have medical treatment at home.

Online Classes Update (May 23)

Online classes were originally scheduled to finish on Friday, May 29, but will be extended until Friday, June 5th. Regular classes at school are scheduled to start on Monday, June 8th.
It may be extended again depending on the situation.
If there is any change, we will inform you on the school homepage and facebook, so please check regularly.

Emergency Student Support Benefits

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it has been decided that a student support agency will provide payouts from the Japan Student Services Organization, to students who has suffered greatly reduced part-time job income and make it difficult to continue studying. Applicants apply to the school, and after the school will submit a list of recommended students to the Japan Student Services Organization, the benefits will be determined by screening. Only those who meet all of the following contents can apply.
Requirements for the Target * Only those who meet all requirments can apply.
  1. You have not received a large amount of remittance from your country or supporter (more than 1.5 million yen including tuition)
  2. Not living with family or your supporter
  3. A high percentage of spending part-time income for living expenses
  4. Do not expect additional financial support due to the decrease in the income of parents (financial supporters)
  5. Significant decrease in part-time job income (including leave compensation by employment adjustment subsidy) due to the effect of new coronavirus infection (down by 50% or more from the previous month)
  6. For international students, in addition to being economically distressed with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the following requirements must be met.
  • Must have excellent academic performance. Specifically, the grade evaluation coefficient of the previous year is 2.30 or more (please ask if you do not know the grade)
  • The monthly attendance rate is 80% or more (please ask if you do not know the attendance rate)
  • The average monthly remittance is 90,000 yen or less (entrance and tuition fees are not included)
  • Annual income of dependents residing in Japan is less than 5 million yen
Required Documents * Only those who meet the above requirements can apply.
  1. A copy of the passbook that shows the remittance from the country, salary for part-time jobs, etc.
  2. Residence card
  3. Part-time job salary details (all salary details after January 2020)
Please bring the required documents to Building No. 3 Tahara sensei.
The final deadline is June 19th (Friday), but please bring it as soon as possible since we will apply for it from the Japan Student Services Organization.
If you have any questions, please contact Building No. 3 Tahara sensei.

JLPT Cancellation

The first Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 2020, which was scheduled to be conducted on Sunday, July 5, 2020. However, the current situation of new coronavirus infection remains unpredictable. Carrying out the test under such circumstances is extremely difficult from the viewpoint of ensuring the safety of all the test takers and preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, so it is unavoidable to cancel the test.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
We will refund the exam fee to everyone who applied for this exam.
The 2nd Japanese Language Proficiency Test is scheduled to take place on Sunday, December 6, 2020, but we will consider how to respond, depending on the situation and promptly notify everyone of any changes.
2020年5月18日 公益財団法人 日本国際教育支援協会

Online Classes Update

Online class was initially scheduled until May 22 (Fri), but will be extended until May 29 (Fri). It may be extended again depending on the situation.

In case of re-extension, we will inform you on the school homepage and facebook, so please check regularly.

EJU Admission Cancellation for International Students

To all applicants for the (first) 2020 Japan Education Examination
[Cancellation of the (first) 2020 Japanese University Admissions Test]
We have been preparing for the implementation of the first 2020 Japanese University Admissions Examination, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 21, 2020. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus disease, it has become extremely difficult to carry out the test as usual after securing the test site in Japan and avoiding the risk of infecting examinees. Even outside Japan, it is unavoidable that the implementation of this test will be canceled in light of the current situation in which governments have issued curfew or activity restriction orders and closed test sites.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who has been studying every day to take the EJU.
All applicants will be refunded the examination fee, but regarding the specific procedures, those who applied on the JQA website or EJU Online can apply by paper application or by e-mail, etc. We will send it to you by mail, so please wait until it arrives.
In addition, for universities, etc. that are planning to use the results of the (first) 2020 Japanese University Admissions Examination for the entrance examination for international students, the (second) Japanese University Admissions Examination before November 2019 or November 2020 We request that you take into account the special considerations for the entrance examination for international students, such as screening based on your grades or conducting your own examinations at universities. Since the response to the entrance examination after the cancellation of the EJU depends on the university, please check directly with the university.
The examination voucher that was scheduled to be shipped on Friday, May 22 will not be sent.
Please check the EJU website for the latest information regarding the EJU in 2020.
Japan Student Services Organization

Online Class Notes

When taking an online class, please note the following points.


1. Please do not give your ZOOM ID and password to other students or upload them to the Internet. Also, please do not participate in classes (meetings) of other classes.


2. Please change the name when you join the class (meeting).

<For smartphones>

① Tap "Participate"

② Enter the meeting ID

③ Change the name to "Class / Name (Katakana)". Example) A22 Hoang

④ Tap "Join meeting".

⑤ Enter the password.

2020511144028.PNG 202051114416.PNG

   <When changing profile settings on a PC>


<When changing in class on PC> * You must change your name each time.

2020511144325.PNG 2020511144344.PNG

3. If you attend a class (meeting), please enter your name in chat.

In addition to calling your name, you can also check attendance by chat.

Please enter your name in the first frame and when you return to the online class from offline

2020511144651.PNG 202051114479.PNG

4. During the online class, please join with the camera turned on.

Please show your face during class.

You will be absent if you cannot confirm that you are attending an online class.


5. Join the online class just like you would a regular class.

Please take classes in the correct posture.

Tell your teacher if you want to go to the bathroom during class. (You can also chat.)

Please do not take classes while eating sweets and rice.


6. If you can't hear the sound, please tell us by chat.

Please use the earphones (with microphone) as much as possible to participate in the class.


7. If ZOOM is disconnected during the course, please re-enter with the same ID and password.


8. If you are absent due to physical condition, please let the teacher know that you will be absent by attending an online class at the start of the class.


9. Please follow the teacher's instructions during class.


10. If you have any questions, ask your teacher.