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Emergency Student Support Benefits

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it has been decided that a student support agency will provide payouts from the Japan Student Services Organization, to students who has suffered greatly reduced part-time job income and make it difficult to continue studying. Applicants apply to the school, and after the school will submit a list of recommended students to the Japan Student Services Organization, the benefits will be determined by screening. Only those who meet all of the following contents can apply.
Requirements for the Target * Only those who meet all requirments can apply.
  1. You have not received a large amount of remittance from your country or supporter (more than 1.5 million yen including tuition)
  2. Not living with family or your supporter
  3. A high percentage of spending part-time income for living expenses
  4. Do not expect additional financial support due to the decrease in the income of parents (financial supporters)
  5. Significant decrease in part-time job income (including leave compensation by employment adjustment subsidy) due to the effect of new coronavirus infection (down by 50% or more from the previous month)
  6. For international students, in addition to being economically distressed with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the following requirements must be met.
  • Must have excellent academic performance. Specifically, the grade evaluation coefficient of the previous year is 2.30 or more (please ask if you do not know the grade)
  • The monthly attendance rate is 80% or more (please ask if you do not know the attendance rate)
  • The average monthly remittance is 90,000 yen or less (entrance and tuition fees are not included)
  • Annual income of dependents residing in Japan is less than 5 million yen
Required Documents * Only those who meet the above requirements can apply.
  1. A copy of the passbook that shows the remittance from the country, salary for part-time jobs, etc.
  2. Residence card
  3. Part-time job salary details (all salary details after January 2020)
Please bring the required documents to Building No. 3 Tahara sensei.
The final deadline is June 19th (Friday), but please bring it as soon as possible since we will apply for it from the Japan Student Services Organization.
If you have any questions, please contact Building No. 3 Tahara sensei.


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