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October 2018 Entrance Ceremony

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Today, we held our entrance ceremony for new students starting our 18 month course. We also had students come to participate in our short courses too.
We welcomed more than 60 students from Vietnam, China, South Korea, The Philippines and France.

2018 Barbecue

Students and teachers celebrated the beginning of summer by having a barbecue at Kasai Rinkai Park. Students enjoyed cooking various vegetables and meat for their classmates and socialising in a more relaxed environemt.

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No Smoking



From April 1st, 2018, smoking will be disallowed. As a result, the smoking area on the 1st floor of the main building will cease.

Do not smoke in the school building (classrooms, hallways, toilets, lobby etc.) and the entrance to the school building.

Smoking on the road is prohibited in Shinjuku Ward by law, and smoking on the street is subject to a fine.

The only place available where you can smoke near the school is the smoking area in Takadanobaba Station Square.

Let's stop smoking while we are at school.

Please do not smoke in front of the neighboring buildings or on the street.

Never smoke in the school buildings, throw away cigarette butts in the garbage box in the hallway, making sure they are not lit and will not cause a fire. If you do such acts, you may be expelled. Let's keep the rules properly.


New dormitory




We are proud to announce that our new dormitory will be coming soon. 

Currently the interior is being renovated to suit the needs of our students and should be ready by April 2018.

The dormitory will utilise 7 floors with 21 dorm rooms in total.

Monday Oct 23rd - Classes as usual

<Monday 23rd October Classes as usual>

Today’s classes are as usual, is not a holiday.

Please be careful and come to school. If the train is stopped and you cannot come to school, please contact the school immediately.

Flea Market 2017

Today was Shinwa's annual flea markey, this gave students the opportunity to sell any posessions they do not need any more. 

Students has a lot of fun using Japanese to try to sell their goods to students and even teachers!

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End of semester


For many of our students they have only two weeks until their final exam on March 16th and then the Graduation Ceremony on March 17th. We wish all our students who will graduate the best of luck in their final preparations for their test and to graduate from Shinwa.

As one semester finishes, another must begin. 

The school holiday will start on March 18th and the new semester will begin on April 12th. For our new students, the opening ceremony is on April 6th at 09:30 (please come no later than 09:00 for registration, with your passport and residence card) and should finish by 14:00.

New students will have an opening speech by Principle Joo and a brief introduction from teachers and office staff. They'll then take a placement test to determine the class best suited to their level and then orientation with a speaker of their language to introduce the school system, life in Japan and important information. Higher-level students will then take a second placement test. Once the tests have been marked, students will then be notified if their class is a morning or afternoon class.

On April 12th, students will need to check the notice board in the main entrance to see what class they are allocated to.


Calligraphy Class



Students took some time out of their usual classes to study Japanese Calligraphy (書道 shodō).

The most basic four tools were collectively called Four Treasures of Study (文房四宝 bunbō shihō).

  • A brush ( fude)

  • An inkstick ( sumi). The best inksticks are between 50 and 100 years old.

  • Mulberry paper (和紙 washi)

  • An inkstone ( suzuri) to grind the inkstick against, mixed with water.


​Students then have a short introduction into how to write calligraphy with a brush before choosing a kanji and then writing their own on newspaper to practice. Once practice was over they then wrote their kanji on the mulberry paper and took a class photo.

201732103249.JPG 201732103033.JPG 201732102734.JPG
P4 Class's calligraphy A9 Class explanation & demonstration Teachers wore kimono and Hakama


Congratulations to one of our students


Congratulations to Chit Myo Htet

Congratulations to Chit Myo Htet for passing her entry exam to Sundai Gakuen's department of Hotel and Business! We are really proud of you and hope your studies are rewarding in creating a future for you.

Well done!!

Students Accepted!!



The names of students who passed the entrance to university or vocational school are displayed on the second floor hallway, please take a look and see if your name is there.
Now you will all need to study hard to be ready for the exam and interviews that will come to secure your place in the school you applies for.