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Visa Extensions

Visa Extensions

Visa Extension Criteria


Visa extensions are available to existing students as long as they meet the below criteria.

  1. Overall attendance rate at school is 90% or above.
  2. Tuition fees for at least the next six months are paid.
  3. Student is not repeating the same class level a third time.
    (For example, Has not progressed to the next class level in their first year)
  4. Must not have worked more than 28 hours per week outside of school holidays.


Required Documents

In order to comply with the acceptance criteria for a visa extension, students are required to gather and submit various documents to the school for proof reading and translation. Failure to supply the correct documentation will result in the visa extension not being processed. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted.

  1. Original Residence Card (在留カード)
    (Updated with current address)
  2. Original Passport (パスポート)
  3. Part-time job information (アルバイト)
    (Company name, full address, telephone number, hourly salary, number of hours per week worked, company type/industry and position at company)
  4. Updated Japanese bank passbook (通帳)
    (Showing monthly salary payments and if applicable, remittances from financial supporter)
  5. Proof of financial support from sponsor
    (This must be a remittance of tuition fees (¥350,000) within the last three months to the school's bank account from the sponsor's bank account.)
  6. One 3cm x 4cm passport photo
    (Please see below examples)



Visa extension application fee is ¥4,500.
(¥4,000 revenue stamp 「収入印紙」 is required and will be purchased for the applicant and a ¥500 fee for the school to process and submit the application)

A slip (located at the office desk) is required for payment.
Please check the last option titled "ビザ更新", fill in your information and give to staff at the front desk.