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Student Support

Our school not only teaches Japanese. But, all our staff are here to support students when they need help.

Whether it is going to register at city hall, get health isurance, get a mobile phone or apply for part-time work. We are here to help.

We will also assist students when possible by taking them to hospitals and clinics for health checks or when they fall sick.

How we support our students:

  • Registration at City Hall
  • Registration for Medical Insurance
  • Ordering an inkan / hanko (official seal used for signing documents)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting a mobile phone
  • Help applying for part-time work
  • Translation / Interpretation
  • Escorting students to hospitals & speaking to doctors
  • Making a train commuter pass
  • Applying for college, university or graduate school

We also have various forms for students to fill in and take to hospitals that provide doctors with translated information about symptoms and problems students have.

Hospital Forms

Simply print out the form or collect one from the office, fill it in and take it along with your insurance card to the hospital or clinic our staff recommends to you.

General Medicine Ear, Nose & Throat Medicine Internal Medicine - Chest & Stomach Dentistry
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Requirements when living in Japan

When living in Japan, all students must have the following.

  • A bank account
  • An inkan/hanko (official seal used for documents)
  • Address registered at city hall
  • Health insurance
  • A telephone number

These three things are extremely important as you will need a bank account to get paid from your part time job and also a copy of the passbook is needed for visa applications and renewals. An inkan/hanko is needed to open a bank account as well as other official documentation and everyone in Japan is required to have health insurance. Those who do not pay will not be entitled to the 70% discount given by hospitals and clinics and can face issues when renewing their visa.

Our staff will escort students to get an inkan and then to city hall to be registered and also arrange their health insurance. After the inkan is ready students can then open a bank account and apply for a mobile phone.

Sim Only Mobile Phones

Many people ask when arriving, "can I just get a sim card and use my phone in Japan?" The good news is you can get a sim card. The bad news is the sim card might not work in foreign phones. 

Generally most phone shops do not like to offer sim-only services and prefer it if people purchase a phone. We have seen a good number of students get a sim card and it does not work in their phone only to take out another contract which costs more to upgrade their sim only plan and get a phone. 

There are many smaller companies that offer sim-only contracts. But be very careful as there is always smallprint that you should read carefully as to avoid unwarranted charges.

We always advise students to buy a phone in Japan as you will have full support and a guarantee of service.

You also need to be careful what plan you get as there are two main types, Data and Data + Voice. A data only plan means you can use the internet but cannot send SMS messages or calls to phone numbers. A Data + Voice plan would be requires so part-time job employers, the school or other people can reach you. Not having a phone number means it will be very hard to arrange job interviews or get in touch with people.