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About Shinwa

About Shinwa

A Message From Our Chief Director


As cultural exchanges among many countries are being promoted, the number of foreigners who want to learn Japanese is rapidly increasing. Therefore, we are doing our best to provide them better opportunities and educational facilities to satisfy their various needs and expectations. Shinwa has the best facilities and teachers who are experienced and professional. They provide a dedicated and systematic education in order to cultivate global man power.    



Student Capacity: 1,020 people.

Teaching Staff: 80 Japanese teachers.
Executive Office Staff: 9 people (3 Japanese, 1 Korean, 2 Chinese, 2 Vietnamese & 1 British.)
Buildings: 3
Dormitory: 100 People

Student Diversity

At Shinwa we diversify our students by accepting nationalities from all over the world.



School History

April 1963 Shinwa School was founded
April 1990 Shinwa Foreign Language Academy was established as an annex
April 2013 Shinwa relocated to Takadanobaba
April 2015 Shinwa celebrated their 25 anniversay
October 2015 Capacity increased to 330 people
October 2016 Capacity increased to 480 people
October2017 A second building was established increasing the capacity to 660 people
December 2017 A student dormitory was opened accommodating 78 students
January 2018 A third building was established
June 2018 Capacity Increased to 880 people
July 2018 Opened a recruitment office in Seoul, Korea
August 2018 Opened a recruitment office in Hanoi, Vietnam

Shinwa is authorized by the Japanese Language Educational Promotion Association Application Commission School authorized by the Minister of Justice. 


    Teaching Staff
    Executive Office Staff

School Pictures

Main Building Building 2 Building 3
201811995233.jpg 2019311121522.jpg 201811995323.jpg
  2nd - 4th floor  
201792610726.jpg 201792610949.JPG 20181513734.JPG
Main Entrance Academic Office (2F) Academic Office (2F)
2017926101011.jpg 201792610832.JPG 2018151388.JPG
Secreteriat's Office Classroom Classroom
2017926101553.jpg 20179261092.JPG 20181513928.JPG
Computer Area Classroom Classroom
  Self-Study Room  
  Counselling Room  

SJR Group

Shinwa Academy is proud to be a member of the SJR Group.

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Shinwa Foreign
Language Academy

Tokyo Johoku
Japanese Language School

Tokyo Riverside School




2-14-30 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〒169-0075  TEL:03-6233-8175  FAX:03-6233-8176