Our courses are tailored to meet students' needs and demands for learning Japanese. Each class is named after the lead teacher that takes care of his / her students while they attend Shinwa Academy. Our teachers create a warm, relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere that is not rigid, but firm. We aim to create a dynamic and fun atmosphere that all students can enjoy while they learn Japanese. Although we are a school, we have the feel of a family that we can enjoy learning Japanese together. 


Students will take an entry test at the Opening Ceremony to decide which class they will be in and at what level. There are also daily mini-tests that review the previous day's lesson material.
Once a week there will be a weekly review test that will determine a student's learning ability, how much they have retained and whether they are ready to move up to the next level at the end of the semester. 


Classes are held 5 days a week from Monday to Friday except on public holidays and seasonal holidays.

  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
AM Classes 09:00 ~ 09:45 09:50 ~ 10:35 10:50 ~ 11:35 11:40 ~ 12:25
PM Classes 13:00 ~ 13:45 13:50 ~ 14:35 14:50 ~ 15:35 15:40 ~ 16:25

※ Please note that class times are chosen by the teachers, depending on class availability. Student's cannot choose their classes.

2019 Schedule

The 2019 Calendar is now live covering April 2019 - March 2020.


Course Levels



Students will have meetings with teachers and staff to discuss their progress, concerns and their future both at Shinwa and after graduation. This is a great opportunity for students to plan out their future, whether they wish to go to university or start working, or discuss their concerns with teachers.

Short Courses


Shinwa has short courses available for people who are already in Japan or are coming to Japan and accomodation. These courses are designed to help people brush up their Japanese or begin their studies. This is ideal for people who are working part time, evenings or visiting Japan as they can attend morning classes before their work begins. These classes are held Monday to Friday and start from 44,000 JPY.

Classs cover all aspects of Japanese learning. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, prununciation and culture. We also have a variety of activities for you to engage in as well as interested sightseeing spots for you to enjoy during your stay.

For more details please email us with your information.

Work - Study Program

You can now come to Japan with a student visa and be allowed to work up to 28 hours per week. This enables students to earn and learn during their stay in Japan and gives them valuable experience in the Japanese working atmosphere. This can also lead to full-time job opportunities once students graduate.

Specialized Courses

As well as our regular Japanese course, we also offer advanced students two extra class options.

EJU Preparation Class

This class is specifically targeted to advanced level students who wish to attend university in Japan. Our teachers guide students in all aspects of taking the Entrance to Japanese University Exam (EJU) processes. We use past test papers as an example to show students what they can expect and teach classes focused around learning, doing and succeeding at the EJU test.

Preparation for Graduate School Admission Exam Class

This class specially tailors to students who want to enter graduate school in Japan. The course is designed to facilitate the processes required to pass the graduate school admission exam. 

Students gain importand information about graduate school exams by learning how to prepare and write a research plan and graduation thesis needed to complete graduate school.

Teachers and Shinwa Office staff will guide students in the right direction to take to enable them to complete the requirements for entry to graduate schools in Japan.

English Classes

In addition to studying Japanese, Shinwa also offers students with good grades free English classes.
Our English teacher has 7 years teaching experience in Japan and his students have a high success rate for passing TOEIC, TOEFL and STEP Eiken tests in Japan.

Classes are available in two levels, beginner and intermediate/higher.
Beginner classeas are once a week and intermediate classes are held twice a week.



Students can test their Japanese skills in a variety of ways, one of them is our contests. We have various contests students can participate in.

  • Kanji Contests - Every day students take a mini kanji test to review what they learnt in their previous lesson.
  • Speech Contest - Shinwa hosts a speech contest for students to participate in and  the teachers and class will choose a team winner, who can get a prize.
  • Essay Contest - Once a year, students all write an essay on a predetermined subject (selected by teachers), the teachers will then decide the winner for each class.
  • A prize is also given to students with the best attendence record every three months for their time at Shinwa.