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Shinwa Features

Shinwa Features

High-quality Lessons

Experienced teachers guide and give detailed lessons for all students individually. 

Our teachers are well-trained and give thorough classes in a friendly and social environment. We have daily tests based on the previous day's material that help students understand their ability and weak points as well as to review what they have learnt. This helps the teachers understand what each student needs in class. We use our own exclusive text as well as JLPT materials for classes to deliver interesting, useful and varied lessons.

Preparation for Further Study

We provide guidance on further study for all students individually, repeatedly until the students are satisfied and gain admission to the university of their choice. We give detailed guidance on essays, interviews, etc. Our teachers have the knowledge to aid students in their goal of furthering their education in Japan. We hold regular counselling meetings with each student to discuss and help them prepare for entrance to university.

Detailed Living Guidance

We provide detailed guidance for students to get quickly acquanted to life in Japan. At our Opening Ceremony, native speakers in various languages ​​give an introduction to the school and life in Japan to answer student's questions. Teachers are able to give advice in Japanese to students and our multi-lingual office staff are able to speak natively to students about their queries or concerns.

Scholarships & Awards

Student Award

Students with 100% attendance rates and good test scores can receieve a government scholarship from JASSO of about 30,000 JPY a month for one year. (limited to 3 people)

Students that qualify are asked to write an essay on a predetermined subject and teachers will gather them and choose who is eligible based on their school record and their essay. Then they are recommended to JASSO for a scholarship programme. 

There is another award that is given to students at their graduation ceremony for their time at Shinwa. Top students will recieve a scholarship from 30,000 JPY for their efforts at Shinwa.

Part-time Jobs

We have partnered with a leading company in the catering industry to provide students with part-time jobs while they are studying with us. The hours are decided to suit with class times to ensure students can get a job that is flexible and fits around their classes.

Favorable Environment

In the neighborhood, there are public libraries, a restaurants, cafes, and sports centers as well as shopping areas, and so on.
it takes about 3 minutes by train from Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo, to our school.

Seasonal Events

Every season of the year has events we like students to participate in. 

Events range from cultural events to visiting theme parks, museums, school parties and barbecues. During students stay at Shinwa they can learn Japanese and also participate in many activities organized by the school. There are also many cultural events to participate in including, kimono wearing, visiting temples, the Imperial Palace, museums etc. Other events include, festivals, visiting and learning about Japanese media industries, visiting theme parks etc. There are a range of other activities and field trips the school has or can recommend, depending on the season.


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Student Flea Market Speeches & Presentations Barbecue
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College Recruitment Events Tanabata Field Trips
2017627143043.png 2017627143141.png Christmas Party
Field Trips Field Trips Christmas Party
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Disneyland / Disney Sea Calligraphy College Presentations

Let's make your dreams come true at Shinwa.

Let us help you go to university and graduate from the school you want to enter!

Anyone who graduated university in their home country can find employment directly from our school.

Graduates from a university in their home country can find employment directly from our school.