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Directors Message

Today, when international exchange is becoming more and more popular, the number of foreigners learning Japanese is increasing rapidly.

We would like to provide a better learning environment to meet the diversifying needs of Japanese language education.

At our school, we teach learners to bring their Japanese proficiency to a high level efficiently within limited time and conditions.

We aim to develop human resources who can play an active role on the international stage by having experienced teachers help each student and provide appropriate guidance.

Kyung Seok Jeon - Director

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People Working in Open Office

Executive Office Staff


General Manager

Languages: Japanese

Hatakeyama serves as the driving force behind staff and immigration expert for Shinwa. He oversees the daily management of the office and is the lead consultant for all immigration inquiries as well as liaison for Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.


Assistant Manager

Languages: Japanese

Genda has been with Shinwa since 2020. But, has vast experience in managing student recruitment and working with immigration and local businesses to help students find a career path after graduation, through the new specific skills visa.


Chinese Student Director

Languages: Chinese & Japanese

Li graduated from Waseda University and has been with Shinwa since 2014. She serves as a recruitment manager, translator and real estate executive and agency liaison for Chinese applicants.


Chinese Student Manager

Languages: Chinese, Korean & Japanese

Kin has been with Shinwa since 2018 after graduating from a language school in Nippori. She is native in Chinese and Korean and speaks fluent Japanese to help students as well as provide translations and living support.

Image by Tanner Mardis

School Information



Student Capacity:

Office Staff:

Teaching Staff:

Languages Supported:


3 Buildings

1,080 Students

7 People (2 Japanese, 2 Chinese, 1 Vietnamese, 1 Korean, 1 British)

80 People (20 Homeroom teachers)

Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese

Heated & air-conditioned classrooms all equipped with a TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, CD player, computer area, toilets on all floors, Free Wi-Fi, counselling rooms, self-study area, lounge area, infirmary, employment recruitment center

  • April 1963  

  • April 1990  

  • April 2013  

  • April 2015  

  • October 2015

  • October 2016 

  • October 2017 

  • December 2017 

  • January 2018

  • October 2018 

  • December 2019 

  • October 2020

  • December 2020


Shinwa School was established

Shinwa Foreign Language Academy was annexed

Moved to Takadanobaba

We celebrated our 25 year anniversary

Building renovated to cater to 330 students

More classes added to cater to 480 students

Opened a branch school catering to 660 students

Student dormitory opened to supply accommodation to 78 students

Bought a new building to serve as a third branch

Student capacity increased to 880 students

Third branch relocation underway to larger building and renovations began

New third branch opened and relocated, increasing capacity to 1,080 students

Shinwa Employment Placement Centre opened to focus on Special Skills visa applications

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