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​Admission Procedure


Check your eligibility on our Admission Information page to see if you meet the criteria set by our school for a successful application for your student visa at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

Gather Documents

Once you have contacted us, we will inform you of what documents are needed to ensure your application goes smoothly. You can then begin gathering and preparing the required documents. Alternatively, a simplified document list is available on our Admission Information page.

Contact Us

Send us a message, email or call us to confirm eligibility and ask any questions you might have as well as to check what is required for a successful application.

Scan & Send

Once you have all documents and have completed our application form, you need to scan them and send us all copies in PDF form by email, Google Drive, drop box etc. for us to begin checking.


Initial Document Screening

Our staff will check all documents to ensure the information is consistent and meets the Tokyo Immigration Bureau's criteria for acceptance. Once complete we ask for you to post all original documents.

Up to 4 weeks

Processing Time

Image by Igal Ness

Pay Tuition Fees & Expenses

Once we have the Certificate of Eligibility, we will send an invoice for one year's tuition and expenses (825,000 JPY). Once paid we will express post all documents to you.

Up to 3 weeks

Processing Time


Prepare for Departure to Japan

With your student visa in hand, you are ready to come to Japan and begin your studies with us as a full-time student.

Up to 2 weeks

Processing Time


Submission to Tokyo Immigration Bureau

Once all checks have been complete, we will then submit all original documents to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau for inspection and certification.
Note: Copies cannot be accepted.

Up to 8 weeks

Processing Time

Japan-Visa-Requirements-6-Must-Haves-to-Get-your-Visa-Application-Granted (2).jpg

Final Application at Local Japanese Embassy

Once you have received all documents we have sent you, you are ready to visit your local Embassy of Japan and submit all documents to collect your student visa.

Up to 4 weeks

Processing Time

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