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Summer Attendance Awards

Tomorrow (1st October) will be the last class of the summer semester.

Almost 100 students achieved 100% attendance over the three months, earning themselves an award (money).

Every semester, many diligent students attain a perfect attendance record which all adds up. When students graduate from Shinwa Academy, if they have perfect attendance they will get a bigger award.

In addition to this if they also pass the JLPT examinations they get an even bigger award. This award is increased with JLPT N1 being the highest award. In addition to the above, if you are accepted into university, you will also get another award, making your efforts with us very rewarding, with some students receiving up to ¥80,000 at their graduation ceremony, a letter or recommendation, several personalised certificates and a lot of great memories.

Good luck to all our students on their test today and well done to everyone who will receive an attendance award tomorrow!

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