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[IMPORTANT] Final Exam

Thursday, 30th September is the final exam. The exam will take place at the school, so please do not be absent or late.

If you should be late, please be sure to contact the school.

Students who did not take the exam will not have classes for the October term. Please be sure to take the exam.

Homework Collection

Please be sure to bring your homework from Friday 3 - Tuesday 28 September tomorrow.

Also, please check the answers every day during class, so make sure that the correct answer is written.

If you haven't done your homework or haven't written the correct answers, you'll have to do your homework at school tomorrow before going home.

If you forget your homework, you will need to buy a new one and do your homework at school.

Tomorrow is the deadline. The deadline cannot be extended. You cannot go home to get your homework.

You cannot leave if you have a part-time job or a n appointment.

If you haven't done your homework properly, do it today. If you do your homework properly, there is nothing to worry about.

Don't forget to bring your homework tomorrow.

It is a school rule that you must do all your homework before you can take the final exam.

Please do your best for tomorrow's final exam.

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