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Class Updates (Feb - Mar 2022)

With the spread of the new coronavirus Omicron strain, we are currently conducting online classes. Although the number of newly infected people has been decreasing since last week, we have decided to continue online classes until Tuesday, 15th March, with the safety of students and faculty members as our top priority.

However, for the convenience of graduation, guidance and surveys for the new year, face-to-face classes will be held at school on Friday, 25th February, Friday 4th March, and Friday, 11th March. In addition, the final exam on Wednesday, 16th March, the graduation ceremony on Thursday, 17th March, and the final class on Friday, 18th March will be held face-to-face.

We will inform you about classes and any changed on our homepage and Facebook page. 

Planned Schedule

Tuesday, 15th March

​Online Classes held via ZOOM Mon - Thurs

Friday, 25th February

Friday, 4th March

Friday, 11th March

Face-to-face classes held at school on Fridays

Friday, 25th February

Please bring all homework from 28th Jan - 24th Feb

Also, new homework and materials will be distributed

Wednesday, 16th March

Final exam held at school