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ERFS Information

ERFS Certificate Sample

If you are planning to come to Japan for a 3 month short course or full course with us, you will need an ERFS Certificate (受付済証 - uketsuke zumisho) to enter Japan.

  • But, what is an ERFS Certificate?

  • Who is eligible to get one?

  • How do I get one?

  • How much is it?

  • How long does it take?

What is an ERFS Certificate?

ERFS stands for Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System.

Since June 10, 2022, foreign persons who apply for new entry into Japan based the below categories are regarded as those with “special exceptional circumstances” and are allowed entry into Japan. The receiving organizations located in Japan must complete prescribed applications in the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS).

  1. Foreign nationals entering Japan for a short-term stay (up to 90 days) for purposes of business.

  2. Foreign nationals entering Japan for a short-term stay for tourism (only when a travel agency among others organizing the trip serves as the receiving organization of the entrants)

  3. Foreign nationals newly entering Japan for a long-term stay (students or working holiday)

Who is eligible to get an ERFS Certificate?

Typically, those with some form of business or education in Japan are generally prioritised and must have an ERFS sponsor in Japan. The sponsor must have some form of business relationship with the applicant.

The purpose of entry must also match the business and the agreement between parties must be for the duration of the intended visa. For example, if the applicant wants a 1 year working holiday visa, and applies to a school for a 3 month course, this is considered undesirable and many schools will not accept this situation. However if the applicant is applying for a 90 day short-stay visa and a 3 month course, this is fine. as the durations match,

How do I get an ERFS Certificate?

Our school can issue an ERFS certificate for all student visa holders that applied at our school and short-stay visas that have enrolled in a 3 month course.

However, while we can apply for those with a working holiday visa, we are generally not offering this service for courses shorter than 6 months.

How much is an ERFS Certificate?

We do not charge anything for this service.

How long does it take to get an ERFS Certificate?

Once we have received tuition payment and supporting documents, we can issue the certificate within one week.


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