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Congratulations to our graduates

Today was a very important day for students at Shinwa Foreign Language Academy.

All of our 700+ students came together at Fuji University Hall to celebrate the graduation of 253 students, at the March 2022 school year graduation ceremony.

Amongst the graduates more than 30 students had achieved at least N2 in the JLPT with more than 200 students going on to vocational schools and universities all over Japan with the remaining students entering the Japanese workforce.

Graduate Statistics


143 people


110 people


222 people


29 people


2 people

A huge congratulations to Oriol for passing the JLPT N1 test within a year of arriving in Japan. A feat not many can claim success to.

For those that do not know, the JLPT N1 can take years for some to master.

The average student who arrives in Japan with limited Japanese ability can expect to take 2 years to reach N1 level, so long as they retain the language, grammar structures, kanji and pass all their end of semester tests.

For Oriol, he self studied most of his Japanese back in Spain, and after many delays arriving in Japan due to COVID-19, he arrived well ahead of the level we expected and achieved what we deem to be impossible.

Congratulations to all our students who celebrated their graduation today and especially those that received scholarship awards.


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