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Face-to-Face Classes Resume

We are currently holding online classes until Thursday, 27th January since a person at school may have been a close contact of a person that tested positive for the new coronavirus on Thursday, 13th January. After that, it was determined by the public health center that no one in the school was a close contact.

Although the infection of the new coronavirus Omicron strain is still spreading, we have decided to thoroughly prevent the infection and resume face-to-face lessons from Friday, 28th January as originally planned.

Please try to prevent infection more than ever.

If you suspect that you are infected with the new coronavirus, please do not go to school.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you may be infected with the new coronavirus Omicron strain, so be sure to visit a medical institution (fever outpatient department) where you can perform a PCR test.

・ Fever (37.5 ° C or higher) ・ Cough ・ Fatigue

・ Throat pain, discomfort ・ Runny nose, stuffy nose ・ Headache, etc.

If a person becomes affected, online lessons may continue under the guidance of the health center.

Coronavirus countermeasures

  • Wear a mask at all times

  • Ventilate rooms

  • Gargle, wash your hands, and disinfect frequently

  • 3 Avoid C's (crowded / close / closed)

  • Don't go to places with a lot of people

  • Do not get together to eat, drink or have a party

  • If you have a fever, sore throat, or cough, go to the hospital immediately

  • If you have any problems, please contact the school

  • If you suspect that you or your roommate is infected, wear a mask at home and avoid as much contact as possible.

About Face-to-Face Classes

  • Building 1 will be open from 07:30 Students that was to avoid crowded trains should arrive earlier and wait in the classroom until their lesson begins.

  • Wear a mask, check your temperature, ventilate the room, wash and disinfect hands and thoroughly implement social distancing in school.


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