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Online Class Rules

While you take online classes, please follow the same rules as if you are at school and study properly. Failure to follow the rules, will mean you are treated as absent.

Class Preparations

  1. When entering your name on ZOOM, please write your name in Katakana.

  2. Please wear appropriate clothes, as if you were at school.

  3. Prepare your earphones. If you have housemates, hearing them in the background makes it hard to focus.

  4. If your internet connection is poor, contact your teachers immediately.

  5. If you are in an N3 or above class. Make sure you have prepared all materials before class begins.

Online Class Rules

  1. Classes are to be taken at home and not outside or at your part-time job. If you do not have internet at home, please consult with your teacher before class.

  2. Make sure your camera is turned on and the teacher can see your face clearly. If the teachers cannot see you, you will be treated as absent.

  3. Please do not use virtual backgrounds as we need to be sure you are at home.

  4. Please do not eat during class.

  5. Please do not chat with roommates during class time.

  6. Classes are to be taken seated, not laying in bed.

  7. Please make sure your microphone is turned on. If you have a roommate in your room and the surroundings are not quiet, please turn off the microphone when you are not speaking.

  8. Please speak loudly and clearly.

  9. Please do not wander off our of camera view or to the bathroom without asking the teacher first.

  10. If you are disconnected from ZOOM, return to the class immediately. Classes are held until 12:25 in the morning and 16:25 in the afternoon.

  11. After class, do your homework.

The above are the minimum required rules during classes. People who do not follow the rules, may be asked to leave.

Please study well without disturbance.