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Visa Renewals


Current students who meet the following criteria can renew their visas.

  1. Class attendance rate must be 90% or higher.

  2. The tuition fee must be paid for at least 6 months in advance.

  3. Have not taken the same level class more than 3 times.
    (For example, student was not able to advance to the next level class by the time the visa is due to be renewed)

Visa Renewal Criteria

Required Documents​

Students who meet the visa renewal criteria should prepare the required documents and submit them to the office. If the submitted documents are incomplete or the application form is omitted, you will not be able to renew your visa.

  1. Original residence card
    (Those with a description of the current address)

  2. Original passport

  3. Part-time job information
    (Company name, location, telephone number, hourly wage, working hours per week, company industry and work content)

  4. Japanese bank passbook
    (The most recent transaction has been booked, and monthly salary transfer and (if applicable) remittance record from the expense supporter are recorded.)

  5. Overseas remittance certificate
    (A passbook that shows that you made a deposit within one week of the remittance record or receipt from Western Union. The amount must be 350,000 yen or more.)


The visa renewal application fee is 4,500 yen. (The revenue stamp fee for the application is 4,000 yen, and the administrative fee is 500 yen.)

Please fill in the required items on the "Request for Issuance of Various Certificates" distributed at the office, check the "Visa Renewal" column, and submit it to the staff together with the application fee (4,500 yen).

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